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Our mission

As Oregonians, we love having wine country in our backyard. Within 30 minutes, we can be tasting our favorite pinot with some of the most breathtaking views in Oregon. Proximity aside, Oregon’s wine country is sprawling with over 300 wineries in the North Willamette Valley alone. It’s a lot to tackle, especially if you don’t know where to start. The current process to curate an enjoyable wine tasting experience is complicated, time consuming and often expensive.

Founder, Kim Myers, believes technology is the answer to bringing a modern approach to this established, yet growing, industry. She welcomed, Andres de Lucca, a long-time technology strategist and product designer to bring this vision to life.

From ensuring a seamless mobile experience, to leveraging new technologies for fleet tracking and information sharing, NW Wine Shuttle delivers a wine tasting experience that checks all the boxes. In two minutes, from the palm of your hand, you book an affordable, safe and perfectly curated wine tasting experience for you and your friends. We take the guesswork out of it.

You can ride the shuttle every season, taste every vintage, and you’ll never have the same experience twice.

Kimberly Myers

I’ve had an amazing fifteen year tenure in the world of technology. From driving industry standards and promoting startups, to managing global communication and crisis programs for a Fortune 100 company. For me it’s about learning, rising to the occasion and innovating.

Now, you’ll find me personally and professionally immersed in the world of viticulture. While my time in the valley strikes a wind-down and relax chord, don’t underestimate the hard work of this industry. I am fascinated by its constant coordination and adaptation to uncontrollable hurdles. I am passionate about understanding this craft, and finding new ways to bring this long-standing tradition to a new generation.